Terms and Conditions

  1. An Advertising Contract with SAFRA Radio is subjected to the SAFRA Radio Programme Code, Advertising Policies and Rates; and any change made to such code, policies or rates from time to time at SAFRA Radio’s sole discretion without prior notice. All bookings are subject to availability.
  2. SAFRA Radio may at its sole discretion refuse broadcast of advertising matter or programme material (hereinafter referred to as “Material”) submitted by the Advertiser and Agency, and may determine the Advertising Contract, or advance to retard in point of time, or postpone, the broadcasting of such Material without assigning any reason, notwithstanding:
    1. the acceptance of payment or payment of the asserted charge;
    2. that such Material has been in part broadcast, or that some instalments or items thereof have been broadcast;

    PROVIDED always that SAFRA Radio shall at its sole determination, credit to the Advertiser such unused broadcast time, if any, but shall not be liable or responsible to the Advertiser for any loss, cost, expense or damage suffered by or incurred by the Advertiser as a result of or arising from or in connection with such determination of this Agreement, advance or retard in point of time or postponement of transmission and broadcast of the Material.

  3. SAFRA Radio shall not be liable for any interference of/or to the transmission or broadcast of the Material for any reason whatsoever; including without limitation to any accident, breakdown of equipment / machinery, failure of power, failure of artistes to appear, strikes, weather conditions and other events beyond SAFRA Radio’s reasonable control.
  4. In the event that any talent / artistes stipulated by the Advertiser and appointed by SAFRA Radio to provide the specific services required under the Agreement is not available to commerce the provision of the aforesaid services or fail to complete or satisfactorily perform his / her obligations under the contract for any reason whatsoever, SAFRA Radio shall have the right to appoint a suitable talent / artiste to provide the said services or to complete the provision of the same under the Agreement instead, and the Advertiser shall not have any claims against SAFRA Radio in respect of any such failure.
  5. The Advertiser and Agency shall jointly warrant that the Material submitted for broadcast:
    1. contains no false or unwarranted claim(s) for any product or service and contains no defamatory statement;
    2. does not infringe the copyright or other rights of any person.

    And the Advertiser and Agency shall be jointly and severally liable to keep SAFRA Radio fully indemnified at all times against all claims, legal actions, suits, demands, losses, costs and expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) arising out of the Material, and the transmission or broadcast thereof. This clause shall survive and continue to remain in full force and notwithstanding the completion of this contract or termination thereof.

  6. If SAFRA Radio is required by the Advertiser to produce or hire any programme for broadcast (hereinafter referred to as “transcribed programme”), the copyright in the transcribed programme shall belong solely to SAFRA Radio and no property in them shall be passed or transferred to the Advertiser, unless otherwise agreed. The transcribed programme shall be limited for one programme or broadcast only, and the Advertiser shall have no further rights thereof unless otherwise agreed.
  7. Any Material supplied by the Advertiser or Agency shall be delivered to SAFRA Radio at the Advertiser’s or Agency’s own cost and expense and the Advertiser or Agency shall pre-pay return mailing charges if the Advertiser or Agency requires SAFRA Radio to return the Material to the Advertiser or Agency after the completion of the contract. SAFRA Radio shall not for any reason whatsoever, be liable to the Advertiser or Agency or any third party for any loss or damage :
    1. to the Material or part thereof, while it is under its control;
    2. suffered as a result of, arising out of or in connection with such loss or damage to the Material.
  8. It is hereby agreed that payment specified in the Advertising Contract shall be by cash payable in advance. [In the case of an approved account, payment shall be made within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice otherwise interest at the rate of 2% per month shall be charged on the overdue amount outstanding.] The Advertiser hereby undertakes to make payment either directly to SAFRA Radio or through the Agency.
  9. SAFRA Radio may in its sole and absolute discretion, request for a Banker’s Guarantee of minimum Singapore Dollars Ten Thousand (SGD10,000) or a deposit to be made, SAFRA Radio reserves the right to enforce the Banker’s Guarantee or use the deposit to offset any accounts still outstanding without further reference to the Advertiser. Deposits shall bear no interest.
  10. In the event an Advertiser fails to fulfill the total airtime expenditure committed in the Master Contract, the Advertiser shall be liable to repay SAFRA Radio the sum of all excess volume discounts and bonus airtime given within thirty (30) days from the end of the contract period.
  11. The Advertiser and Agency shall be jointly and severally liable for any and all costs including legal fees incurred by SAFRA Radio in collecting any sums due upon non-payment under the Advertising Contract and/or in any matter arising out of or in connection with the Advertising Contract.
  12. The Advertising Agency acknowledges that it is the agent of the Advertiser. Agency commission of 15% is granted to the approved Advertising Agency for contracts signed with SAFRA Radio on behalf of the Advertiser. The agency commission is not application for non-airtime related charges specified in the Advertising Contract. SAFRA Radio shall not be liable for commission payout to Advertising Agency for any agreement (verbal or written) made directly with the Advertiser.
  13. The Advertising Contract, once signed, is irrevocable.
  14. The Advertising Contract is governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore.